When Western Medicine Failed, This Clinical Physician Completely HEALED His Skin Cancer With...
KETOSIS: The Key To Human Health & Longevity
If You’ve Thought About Trying Keto… Or If You’ve Tried Keto and FAILED… 

And You Want To Learn How To Navigate The Ketogenic Diet Properly So You Can Quickly And Easily…
If You’ve Thought About Trying Keto… Or If You’ve Tried Keto and FAILED… 

And You Want To Learn How To Navigate The Ketogenic Diet Properly So You Can Quickly And Easily…
✔️ Experience Razor-Sharp Focus & Mental Clarity...
✔️ Defend and CURE Your Body of Chronic Illness...
✔️ Improve Your Quality of Sleep...
✔️ Achieve Rapid and Sustainable Weight Loss...
✔️ Look and Feel Younger...
✔️ And More...
...Then Make Sure To Pay CLOSE Attention To The Words You’re About To Read On This Page!
Dear reader,

My name is Dr. David Jockers. I’m a doctor of natural medicine, a functional nutritionist, and clinician from Kennesaw, Georgia.

From a very young age, I felt called to become a healer…
And yet despite all my years of study and my best efforts to maintain my own health... 

9 years ago I developed skin cancer below my right eye.

I was a young man, just 29 years old, and had just opened my clinic.

As a natural medicine doctor, I truly believed that there was a way to heal myself without poisoning my system with toxic chemotherapy drugs…

And I was right.

By adopting a ketogenic lifestyle and eliminating sugar, inflammatory foods, and other toxins from my diet, I allowed my body to cure itself of skin cancer in a matter of months…

And not only that, but I also felt more clarity of mind and physical vitality than I’d ever experienced in my life.

That was 8 years ago, and since then I’ve resolved to share this incredible healing protocol with as many people as possible…

Which is why I’ve put together this short report...

To explain exactly what the Ketogenic Diet is, why it works, and how you can use it to: 

✔️ Experience greater mental clarity and focus…
✔️ Improve your quality of sleep... 
✔️ Achieve lasting weight loss… 
✔️ Look and feel younger…
✔️ Defend your body from all manner of illness….
✔️ And more...

(And hopefully, I can clear up any misconceptions you might have about it along the way!)

Now, perhaps you’re familiar The Ketogenic Diet… or maybe this is the first time you’ve heard of it…

Either way, by the end of this letter, you’ll know exactly what “Keto” is, and how you can use it to look, feel, and operate your best well into your later years.

Let’s dive in...
I Never Realized How Miraculous 
Life Truly Is Until I Got Cancer...
I never realized how miraculous Life truly is until I got cancer...

...and I looked to LIFE itself for a way to reclaim my health.

I wondered: why have we become less healthy as a species, while our quality of life has only been improving?

Human beings have survived on this planet for countless generations...

Yet it’s only in the past few centuries that we’ve started suffering on a wide scale from Metabolic Diseases like Cancer, Diabetes, and Alzheimer’s...

Clearly, we went astray with our nutrition somewhere along the line...

So I dug deep, looking for a clue as to how I could realign my nutrition to fit with what Nature intended...

Before long, I’d found my answer:


...the metabolic state that is the basis of The Ketogenic Diet.
See: the two types of “fuel” our bodies burn are Glucose, which we get from carbs and protein...

...and Ketones - which are what FAT provides us with.

Not only do we get ketones from the dietary fat we eat...

...we also get ketones from body fat when we break it down.
This is where the name “Ketogenic Diet” came from...

...because when you’re eating “Keto” you’re putting your body into this Fat-Burning mode known as Ketosis.

Look: Ketosis is the reason we were able to thrive as a species.

See, the standard “diet” of our hunter-gatherer ancestors was centered around FAT.

(Fat has more than twice the calories of protein or carbs - so it’s easy to see why we adapted to use it as our preferred fuel source!)

And because food was scarce, they routinely fasted and entered into in a state of ketosis.
They ate as much meat, nuts, and other sources of saturated fat as they could when they could, and stored the excess calories as body fat...

...which was then easily digested into ketones for them live off during the days and weeks between meals.
Glucose, on the other hand, was just a “bonus” source of energy they could use on the rare occasions they found a patch of wild berries or yams...

It was useful, because the spike in blood sugar it causes triggered their bodies to store body fat...

...which then ultimately got digested into ketones when they fasted.

Now, I know we were all taught in school that a “balanced” diet should consist of lots of carbs and protein, and a just a little fat...

Thing is - this “balanced diet” is a result of the way human cultures around the world have developed over time...

...and has absolutely nothing to do with the way our bodies really work.
The LIES You've Been Fed...
It wasn’t until recent history that we learned to grow and harvest grains, legumes, and all of the other carbohydrate-rich foods conventional diets are built on...

And while agriculture has allowed us to escape the “feast or famine” lifestyle of our hunter-gatherer ancestors... a physiological level, we’ve actually been starving our bodies our preferred fuel!

Not only did we switch to using Glucose as our main fuel source...

...we also disrupted our natural cycle of going in and out of ketosis and using up stored body fat.

As a culture, we’ve trained our bodies to be Sugar Burners...

And as a result - almost all of the chronic diseases people suffer from today...

...are Metabolic Disorders fueled by elevated levels of blood sugar.
SUGAR: The Root 
of Chronic Disease
Cancer, Diabetes, Alzheimer’s, Rheumatoid Arthritis, and many more conditions all stem from this imbalance in our system...

...which is caused by constantly overloading our bodies with Glucose...

As the standard western diet has trained us to!

You can see the problem...

...and so did I, when I got to the bottom of my research.

Armed with this knowledge, I decided to “go back to the basics”...

...and I started giving my body the nutrition it desired.

I developed a Ketogenic Diet protocol designed to reduce oxidative stress and rebalance my metabolism...
And within a few months, my body had fixed the imbalances that caused my cancer...

And the carcinoma below my right eye completely disappeared.
I was amazed at the results... yet I wasn’t surprised.

The science behind it just made too much sense!

The Ketogenic Diet allowed me to reclaim my health and my future - and I knew it would help my patients do the same.

I started prescribing Keto to patients at my clinic for all manner of illness...

And sure enough, the miraculous recoveries started appearing in droves. 
Chronic Pain ELIMINATED...
Cheryl spent 4 years suffering from chronic pain all over her body... 

...Along with unrelenting fatigue, sleep disturbances, brain fog, and more…

She tried various supplements, medications, and eating plans but nothing helped…
Until she incorporated my Keto Protocol.

Now, her pain has disappeared. Her energy has picked up, she’s sleeping better, and her brain fog has cleared - leaving her feeling sharper and more capable than ever.
Diabetes DEFEATED...
Eric was a type 1 diabetic for 34 years…

His kidney function had been steadily declining several years...

...and right before he started with my Keto Protocol, his doctor informed him that he was experiencing stage 3 kidney failure…
Yet after a few months of Keto, his kidney function scores were back to a normal range.

His kidney doctor said that he’d never seen anything like that before and wanted to know what Eric was doing. 

Eric told him about what he’d learned from me - and his doctor couldn’t believe his ears!

And he wasn’t the only one… 

Everyone was shocked that his kidney disease is healing the way it is… and it’s all thanks to the Ketogenic Lifestyle.
Obesity OVERCOME...
When Paul started on my Keto Protocol, he weighed close to 300 pounds...

He suffered from many of the common symptoms of obesity - sleep apnea, severe anxiety, acid reflux, fatigue, food cravings, brain fog, and more…
He regularly took multiple prescription sleep medications, and had to use a CPAP machine to keep him breathing while he slept.   

But after a year of following my Keto Protocol, Paul lost 155 pounds - bringing him down to 185 with a defined midsection.

He no longer suffers from anxiety, sleep apnea or acid reflux and no longer requires medications or assistance to sleep…

And he’s wearing the same size clothes as he did in his early teens!
The Proof Is Undeniable...
As you can see, my life wasn’t the only one changed for the better by the Ketogenic Diet...

It allowed me to beat Cancer...

It’s helped hundreds of my patients to lose weight, eliminate symptoms, and reclaim their health...

And I’m certain that it can help many more people than I could ever see in my clinic...

Which is why I’ve developed my online learning program:
It’s been carefully designed to help you easily transition into a Ketogenic Lifestyle...

While helping you avoid the usual pitfalls that cause most people to give up on Keto long before they get the true benefits that you can experience the sustainable weight loss, improved brain function, and miraculous healing that so many others have reported as a result of this revolutionary eating protocol.

Now, you may be wondering…
Is The Ketogenic Diet Right For Me?
To be completely clear, The Ketogenic diet is not for everyone.  

However, we've found that it can be extremely beneficial for people who are:
✔️ Overweight or obese
✔️ Struggling with neurodegenerative conditions like dementia, Alzheimer's and Parkinson's
✔️ Suffering with most cancers, especially those of the brain, nervous system and blood (leukemia)
✔️ Experiencing chronic pain
✔️ Has seizure disorders
✔️ Interested in higher mental and physical performance.
You see, no matter what you are experiencing or at what age, anyone can get incredible results with the Ketogenic diet, as long as you have the proper information to do so.

And that’s exactly what I created Navigating The Ketogenic Diet to achieve.
Here’s What You'll Find 
Inside The Program...
Navigate the Ketogenic Diet for Optimal Health
 ($47 Value)
This e-book covers all the details and challenges involved with the Ketogenic diet - so you can quickly turn your body into a lean, mean, fat burning machine, and help you break through obstacles you may have experienced with the ketogenic diet in the past.

✔️ 5 Ways To Measure Your Ketones
✔️ How To Follow a Ketogenic Diet
✔️ 6 Ways Keto Improves Brain Function
✔️ 10 Critical Keto Tips
✔️ How To Go Keto Without a Gallbladder
✔️ 12 Keto-Boosting Herbs & Supplements
✔️ 5 Reasons To Use MCT Oil for Keto
✔️ How to Prevent Keto Flu
✔️ And More...
The Ketogenic Diet Meal Plan
 ($47 Value)
This is a 30-day meal plan for getting and staying into ketosis. Unlike many of the “dirty keto” plans out there, my proprietary meal plan provides plenty of great tasting foods that are full of key phytonutrient anti-oxidants.

✔️ Intermittent Fasting: What It Is And Why You Should Do It
✔️ The Cyclic Ketogenic Approach
✔️ My Proprietary 30 Day “Keto Kickstart” Meal Plan
✔️ Helpful Tips For Saving Time & Money and ✔️ Maximizing Success On The Ketogenic Diet
✔️ And More...
The Ketogenic Diet Recipe Book
 ($27 Value)
This book contains 80 great low-carb, nutrient dense recipes designed to load your body with optimal nutrition. This includes green juices, anti-inflammatory drinks, smoothies, snacks, main courses and incredible desserts. You’re guaranteed to love the recipes you find in this book.

✔️ 80+ DELICIOUS Keto Recipes
✔️ Super Smoothies
✔️ Anti-Oxidant Drinks & Juices
✔️ Snacks & Side Dishes
✔️ Main Entree’s 
✔️ Sugar-Free Keto Desserts
✔️ And More...
The Keto Quickstart Guide
 ($17 Value)
This guide is designed to give you a quick overview of the keto diet and actionable steps to take so you can get started immediately.
✔️ Biggest Challenges With Keto-Adaptation
✔️ “Keto Flu” And How To Prevent It
✔️ Top 5 Mistakes Made On The Keto
✔️ Carb Phasing For Keto Adaptation
✔️ Best Foods To Eat On Keto
✔️ A Guide To “Fat Fasting”
✔️ “Feast & Famine” Diet Variation
✔️ My Personal Keto Protocol
✔️ And More…
Quickstart Nutrition Guide
 ($17 Value)
This invaluable resource is designed to help you understand the foundational principles of The Ketogenic Diet, and how to quickly apply them for results, all in a 2-page, digital document.
✔️ Do’s & Don’ts of Keto In 2 Pages
✔️ Complete List of “Green Light” Foods
✔️ Complete List of “Yellow Light” Foods
✔️ Complete List of “Red Light Foods”
✔️ Shopping List “Cheat Sheet”
✔️ And More…
Keto Quick Snack List
 ($17 Value)
This guide will provide a list of great alternatives for your favorite snacks that fit into the Ketogenic Nutritional Protocol. You’ll love the simple substitutions and ideas you get from this guide - and we’ve included direct links so you know exactly where you can purchase these items.

✔️ Keto Alternatives For Popular Snack Foods
✔️ Keto-Friendly Condiment Options
✔️ Keto-Friendly Beverages
✔️ Keto-Friendly Desserts
✔️ Keto-Friendly Snack Bars
✔️ And More...
The Guide to a Healthy Gallbladder
 ($17 Value)
This eBook will show you why poor gallbladder function and sluggish bile flow may be the major cause of a number of your health problems. You will also learn how to optimize your bile flow and improve the health of your liver and gallbladder so you can reduce your microbial load, improve your digestion and nutrient absorption and live life with more energy and vitality.

✔️ The 4 Major Functions of Bile
✔️ 22 Symptoms of GallBladder Disease
✔️ Components of Bile
✔️ The Development of GallStones
✔️ 25 Ways to Improve GallBladder Health
✔️ Flushing Out GallStones
✔️ The GallBladder Function Quiz
✔️ And More...
Fat Burning Foods Guide
 ($27 Value)
These are my 10 favorite ketogenic foods that I use with clients all the time to help them burn fat, build muscle and slow down the aging process. In this guide, I show you the best sources for these and how to use them on a daily basis. Pick out your favorites and use them regularly.

✔️ Discover My Top 10 Favorite Fat Burning Foods
✔️ Why They’re Super-Foods
✔️ Where To Get Them
✔️ Best Ways To Buy Them
✔️ How To Use Them
✔️ And More…
Top 10 Biggest Keto Mistakes
 ($17 Value)
This short PDF goes into detail on the top 10 biggest mistakes people make on Keto that cost them time, money, energy and results.

✔️ Discover the Top 10 Biggest Mistakes People Make On Keto
✔️ How to Save Time, Money, and Energy on Keto
✔️ How To Ensure You Get RESULTS With Keto
✔️ And More...
You'll Also Get Instant Access To
33 Powerful Bonus VIDEOS
(100% Lifetime Access)
Ketogenic Diet Recipe Videos
  • 6 Ways to use Chocolate on a Ketogenic Diet 
  •  8 Tasty Ways to Use Avocado on the Ketogenic Diet
  •  5 Ways to Use Lemon to Improve Your Energy Levels 
  •  The Ketogenic Kitchen Makeover
  •  8 Ways to Use Turmeric on a Ketogenic Diet
  •  4 Ways to Use Apple Cider Vinegar on the Ketogenic Diet
  •  Blueberry Coconut Parfait
  •  Supercharged Oreos
  •  Collagen Marshmallows
  •  Coconut Milk Ice Cream
  •  Not Nut Butter
  •  SuperCharged Chocolate Pudding 
Ketogenic Diet Video Series
These videos help you understand the benefits of the ketogenic diet and key principles to follow in order to get the best results.
  • Benefits to the Ketogenic Diet 
  •  3 Key Benefits to Intermittent Fasting
  •  Top 10 Anti-Inflammatory Superfoods
  •  The Sugar Detox Meal Plan 
  •  3 Secret Keys To Staying In Ketosis
  •  4 Key Strategies To Stay In Ketosis 
  •  5 Keys To A Ketogenic Cleanse
  •  When To Cycle In & Out Of Ketosis 
  •  6 Key Herbs and Tonics To Help Balance Blood Sugar
  •  7 Steps To Avoid The Detox Flu
  •  The Keys to Implementing a Ketogenic Diet 
  • My Favorite Ketogenic Foods
  •  Keto Diet + Carb Cycling w/ David Jockers, DC
  •  What's the Difference Between a Low Carb Ketogenic Diet & the Atkin's Diet? 
  •  The Best Ketogenic Sweeteners 
  •  Following a Ketogenic Diet Without a Gallbladder 
  •  Meal Planning on a Ketogenic Diet
  •  5 Ways to Measure Your Ketones
  •  Herbs and Nutrients to Improve Ketosis
  •  5 Strategies to Overcome Keto Breath
  •  The Best Foods to Eat on a Ketogenic Diet 
All told, when you enroll in Navigating The Ketogenic Diet program, you’ll be receiving $383+ worth of resources to set you up for success on your Keto journey…

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Would that be worth an investment of $500?

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Fair enough?

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How relieving will it be, to know that each and every day you’re giving your body the nutrition it needs to defend itself against diseases that most people feel helpless against? 

Sound good?

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And lifelong health and vitality to gain

So if that sounds good to you... 

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Dr. Jockers Keto Emails
To ensure you are assisted throughout the entire process, I will be sending you regular emails to help coach you through this entire process.  

This is not your average course. You will have step by step instructions sent right to your inbox and guided the entire way through! This powerful bonus will help coach you through the toughest of times and help you get real results.
Dedicated Facebook Group
I’ve created a private facebook group specifically for members of this program where you can ask questions and get feedback from others who are going through the program, so you can get the community support and accountability you need to hit your goals and thrive.
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I created Navigating The Ketogenic Diet Course to empower you to live stronger and get a powerful edge in life.

Keto has the ability to help you lose weight, increase energy, and even sharpen your overall brain power. 

By now you're probably wondering "who is this guy?" and "does he really know his stuff"?

Well, I want to do whatever I can to make you feel comfortable and confident that you're in good hands, so let me take a second to introduce myself... 

My name is Dr. David Jockers DNM, DC, MS and I'm a doctor of natural medicine, a functional nutritionist and corrective care chiropractor. 
I currently own and operate Exodus Health Center in Kennesaw, Georgia and I'm the founder of, a website designed to empower people with science based solutions to improve their health. currently gets over 1 million unique visitors and over 2 million monthly page views. 
My work has been published in various popular media outlets including ABC, Fox News and the Dr Oz Show. I've developed 6 revolutionary online programs with thousands of participants. 

I am so blessed to have the opportunity to travel around the country speaking on topics I'm so passionate about — such topics as weight loss, brain health, functional exercise, natural detoxification and disease prevention.  

I’m on a mission to inspire and empower as many people as possible to reach their full health potential. This is what my team and I are focused on in my clinic at Exodus Health Center where we train diligently to provide the highest quality health care experience possible so that people are truly inspired to reach new heights and experience their full potential.

AND... because of you and your purchase today, you bring us that much closer to our goal of touching hundreds of thousands of lives across the world. Allowing us to educate and empower people to be healthy, happy, and pain-free using the healing powers of keto.

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Navigating The Ketogenic Diet is for you if...
  • You are trying the ketogenic diet for the first time or want to learn the proper techniques to master the knowledge and experience you already have
  •  You have tried multiple diets and programs, with little to moderate success.
  •  You've heard of keto before but have no idea how to actually do it or how it can be used to improve your health.
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  •  You are confused by all the conflicting information out there.
  •  You are curious about how to use keto to get even healthier.
  •  You have done everything everyone tells you, but you still aren't seeing results.
  •  You’re looking for a natural approach to help with obesity, heart disease, thyroid issues, and even autoimmune diseases… 
So if this at all sounds like you, then I urge you to join the thousands of men and women around the world that have committed to changing their lives with the power of intermittent keto.

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See What Experts Are Saying 
About This Incredible Program...
Hear from people who have gone through the program...
The past 4 years I was suffering from mild to severe pain all over my body and unrelenting fatigue, sleep disturbances, brain fog, etc. Diagnosed with Sjogren’s Syndrome and Fibromyalgia. Medication included Vicodin, Morphine and a muscle relaxer. I would not take Plaquenall (spelling?), Lyrica or other “biologics”. I was taking a bunch of supplements but nothing was improving.   

Fast forward to June this year, I started on an AutoImmune protocol and was immediately relieved of pain. 30 days later I was off the narcotics!  Most recently I’d been experiencing bad pain in my right knee. The only pain that never went away. No diagnosis...tired of medical tests, etc. 

Anyhow, that pain has been gone for a week now. It started to go away when I started this Keto Plan. My energy is picking up as well! So thankful for finding this plan!
I spoke with my son the other day. He’s been following this program. He’s 33 now and suffers insomnia from PTSD. He also suffers from lack of energy. He said he’s lost 30 lbs, sleeps well and has tons of energy. I’ve been praying for an answer to help him feel better. Mom’s so happy 

Thank you Dr. Jockers!

Cheryl S.
I just have to tell you, just to remind you, I am a type 1 diabetic and have been for 34 years. My kidney function has been going down gradually for several years including 4 points from June of this year to August. My GFR score was 42 in August, which I was told was stage 3 kidney failure. As of October 24 — I just got the results today — but as of October 24 my GFR score was 57 — 60 is considered normal. 

My kidney doctor said that he has never seen anything like that before and wanted to know what I was doing. I told him that I was doing a combination of a ketogenic diet and daily coffee enemas through the training I got in your Keto and Cancer Cleanse online programs. He couldn’t believe his ears. I had to explain what each one of those things were.   

Anyway, I just thought I would let you know. Everyone is shocked that my kidney disease healing the way it is. And by the way, my HgA1C was 5.7 as of a week ago. Again, almost into normal range which is my goal. Now, that is due to the ketogenic lifestyle. 

Thanks again for all your help! 

Pastor Eric Sawyer  
I've been following this plan for 3 months and dropped 17.2 pounds in . Cholesterol went down 21 points and I have not had a fibromyalgia flare up since week 3 on the keto eating plan. I am being weaned off of Lyrica. Yay!  

I no longer have psoriasis patches on my legs and the patches on my back are smaller. I used to have terrible joint pain but now it is gone and I have been able to use my elliptical exercise machine. I have more energy and can think more clearly now!
I started at close to 300 lbs, a 40 inch waist, XL shirts, some XXL and size 13 shoes. I had sleep apnea, severe anxiety, acid reflux, really bad eating habits, regularly taking two prescriptions Zoloft and Prilosec, and sleeping with a CPAP machine to keep me breathing while I sleep.   

I was interested in the program but did not commit. I started to receive the weekly emails. The information I was reading made a lot of sense. Remembering that he spoke of baby steps; that is what I started to do. Over a 6 month period of time, without exercise, I lost close to 60 lbs with keto and felt much better.     

Unfortunately, I wasn’t fully committed at this time and gained 15 lbs and jumped back to 250 lbs. Finally, 6 months later, in January, I decided to go all in with the diet and started exercising and over a 5-month period of time I dropped another 65 pounds to get to 185 and 8% body fat.  

By the way I hadn't weighed that little since 10th grade. I now have a 32-inch waist, wearing a Medium shirt (which I haven't worn since 6th grade) and size 11 shoes. With no more anxiety, sleep apnea or acid reflux and no longer on any medications or assistance to sleep. I feel amazing on this program!  

Paul B
Frequently Asked Questions
  • Is this program designed to treat or cure cancer or other diseases?
No, this program is designed for educational purposes only and is not designed to diagnose, treat or cure cancer or any other type of chronic disease.
  • Do I have to purchase any supplements to do this program?
Although supplements can be very helpful, this program is focused on whole food nutrition, lifestyle and cleansing strategies. There are supplements that we recommend to attain certain health goals but nothing is necessary in order to do this program.
  • Is there a date/time when I am to begin the 30-day Plan?
No, you can choose to begin this program at any specific time that works best for you. The key is that you are learning the information you need and specific strategies to successfully cleanse and heal your body. You also have a meal plan to follow and video guides to help you.
  • Will I receive DVDs and books with my purchase?
This is a digital program. All materials are posted to an online account. We encourage you to print or download the PDFs as well as download the MP3s to your computer, tablet or phone. Dr. Jockers designed this program to give you immediate access. This format will allow you to begin your Ketogenic diet program right away!
  • Since this is a digital program, which devices can I use to access it?
For best results, access your account from your laptop or PC and use Google Chrome as your browser. These files are very large and may not be compatible with your iPad or iPhone.
  • Since the program is digital, how long will I have access to the information?
You will have lifetime access to your online Ketogenic Program account. If you’d prefer, you may print these materials, download them to your laptop/computer, upload them to your icloud.
  • I follow an alternative diet (vegan, vegetarian, etc.). Are these meal plans compatible with my preferences?
Dr. Jockers’ meal plans are not specifically designed for vegan/vegetarian preferences, but the recipes are easily modified. The Ketogenic Diet shopping guide along with the meal plans provide a vital guide for all dietary lifestyles.
  • I have health issues I would like to discuss with Dr. Jockers before beginning the Ketogenic Diet program. Where may I submit my questions?
You can contact with any specific questions on the program and we will do our best to help you in whatever way we can.
  • I’ve purchased the program but cannot access my account. Can someone please help?
Yes! We have a Customer Support team devoted to assisting you. Please email , subj: Access. This will ensure the fastest response to your request.
  • I’m waiting to be accepted into the exclusive motivational facebook group. Why have I not been accepted?
The name and email address linked to your social media profile may not match the information used to purchase the Ketogenic Diet Program. Please email, subj: Motivational Group. Include your profile name along your purchase receipt. Our awesome Customer Support team will happily see to your request!
  • I accidentally purchased this program twice. Help! How do I get that second charge refunded?
No problem! Our customer support team will be happy to help. Simply email subj: Duplicate. This will ensure the fastest response to your request.
  • I purchased your program but am not convinced it’s for me. What do I do now?
All Dr. Jockers programs carry a 30 day money-back guarantee. If after following the program you wish to receive a refund, simply email subj: Refund. This will ensure a timely response to your request.




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