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David's Top Recommendation for April 2020
EnviroKlenz Mobile Air Systems
EnviroKlenz UV Mobile Air Systems
EnviroKlenz is committed to air purification on TWO fronts – odors and toxins AND particulate matter – WITHOUT allowing harmful compounds or particulate matter to linger in the air. Improve and filter the air in your home or workplace by using an air purification system that effectively tackles both particulate matter and VOCs safely.

The EnviroKlenz UV Model works to capture particulates as small as .3 microns while shining a UVC light on the collection area which works to deactivate viruses.
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David's Friends & Partners Worth Supporting
MyGreen Fills
PuraTHRIVE Liposomal Vitamin C
As a wellness savvy individual, you’ve no doubt heard about some of the potential benefits of Vitamin C.
But you might not be aware of just how powerful this humble micronutrient can be…

A Powerful Antioxidant That May Reduce Free Radical         Damage
· Unparalleled Bioavailability With Micelle Liposomal Delivery
· Supports Healthy Aging, Skin Elasticity, Hair & Nail   Appearance
·Supports a Healthy Immune Response
You can save up to 25% and it's risk Free. 180 Day Money Back Guarantee.
MyGreen Fills
This is your best defense against viruses, including the COVID-19  Coronavirus!

My Green Fills Aloe Hand Soap formula is the most gentle, pure and nourishing formulas ever created and harnesses the natural superpower of highly concentrated aloe vera. 

It allows you to wash your hands as frequently as you’d like to maintain good health, but will never leave them dry and cracking. The more you wash your hands, the softer and cleaner they get.
For a limited time, you can get FREE, Truly Free Non-Toxic Hand Soaps + Free Shipping!
Kettle & Fire Bone Broth
Sunflower Seed Flour
This plant based Sunflour has more protein than any other seed, nut, or grain and 25% more protein than meat!

Try substituting SunFlour for almond flour or coconut flour. It can be used 100% in low carb/high protein recipes and is a perfect allergen free alternative to nut flours--you get all the nutritional benefits of nuts and more!
With its mild tast, you'll never know you're eating sunflower seeds whether it's in a bread, cracker, cookie, smoothie or veggie burger!
WholeTones 2 Sleep
Vibrant Blue Oils - Circadian Blend
Trigger the natural release of the sleep-inducing hormone, melatonin and reset your circadian rhythm so that you can drift off to sleep at night and stay alert during the day.

This soothing, and all-natural Circadian Rhythm® Essential Oil Sleep Solution has helped tens of thousands of insomniacs & those with chronic sleep issues finally get a good night’s rest, night after night

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Paleovalley Apple Cider Vinegar Complex
Paleovalley 100% Grass Fed Beef Sticks
Paleovalley 100% Grass Fed Beef Sticks are the only beef sticks in the USA made from 100% grass fed/grass finished beef and organic spices that are naturally fermented.
Our 100% Grass Fed Beef Sticks are unlike anything else on the market. In fact, they were recently voted in Paleo Magazine as one of the top snacks of the year.

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WholeTones 2 Sleep
WholeTones 2 Sleep
Forget Dangerous Sleeping Pills...
Introducing The New "Magic Sleep Pill" That Works Like A Dream... Perhaps as Fast as 15 Minutes*—You Never Even Have To Swallow It!
DR. JOCKERS SPECIAL DISCOUNT: 70% OFF + $10 Specialty Discount Coupon on purchases over $99 
Kettle & Fire Bone Broth
Kettle & Fire Bone Broth
Kettle & Fire bone broth is made with organic ingredients, keto and paleo friendly, gluten-free, and carefully crafted by world class chefs to unlock well-bodied flavors and nutrition you won't find anywhere else.  With 14,000+ five-star reviews for taste, nutrition, overall wellness and complete with 10 grams of protein per serving.
WholeTones 2 Sleep
Keto Mojo
It's an essential tool for anyone following a keto or ketogenic diet for weight loss, diabetes, general health benefits, or therapeutic purposes. It takes the guesswork out of ketosis with the most accurate and affordable meter on the market.

Get 15% off, no coupon needed!
Rooted Apothecary CBD Products
Rooted Apothecary CBD Products
Research has proven CBD to be safe, powerful, and effective for helping your body manage emotional, mental, and physical stress. Rebelliously Wholesome Remedies. Doctor Formulated, Family Approved... 

If you're suffering, or you just want to stay healthy, click below to discover why CBD is helping so many people find a better life.
Save up to 40% on Tinctures, Capsules and Bundles for Corona Relief Efforts
Paleovalley Apple Cider Vinegar Complex
Eaton Hemp Snacks
Looking for an easy, tasty way to fuel your best self? Our unhulled hemp has all 9 amino acids humans need to thrive, plus the perfect balance of Omega 3s to Omega 6s. 

Delicious Flavors like Dark Chocolate Sea Salt, Cashew Coconut Mango, and Walnut Apple Cinnamon are available in 4 oz. or single serve bags! 
Thrive Market
Thrive Market
Thrive Market's mission is to make healthy living easy, affordable, and accessible for every American family.

Get your favorite healthy foods from top-selling, organic and non-GMO brands at wholesale prices, delivered to your door. 



Dry Farm Wines
Dry Farm Wines
Dry Farm Wines curates only the highest quality natural wines from small, sustainable family farms that meet our strict standard of health. Unlike today's commercialized and processed wines, this is real wine. Nothing added, nothing removed. Pure and deliciously clean.

A Philosophy of the World's Finest Pure Artisan Wines, Hand Crafted with Honesty...

Complimentary Shipping ~ 100% Happiness Guarantee!

Our Most Popular Ergonomic Products. Every day at FlexiSpot, we imagine, design, and bring to life ergonomic solutions that help people lead healthier and more productive lives. Find the perfect solutions for your office or home today!
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Paleovalley Apple Cider Vinegar Complex
Purity Woods Dream Cream
This Toxin-Free, Natural, research-based and USDA Certified Organic Age-Defying Dream Cream was meticulously crafted to provide you the complete blend of nature’s ultimate ingredients to restore the appearance of YOUTH to your skin like nothing else possibly can.

It will powerfully help ELIMINATE the appearance of…
· Crow's feet, laugh lines, and other fine lines and wrinkles 
· “Turkey neck” and skin that looks saggy
· Thin and “crepe-papery” looking skin
· Age spots / Dark spots
· Uneven skin tone
· Dull, dry, and “old looking” skin

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Want David To Review Your Product Or Program Too?
Or you can email us at drjockersassistance@gmail.com and we’ll be happy to help.
Want David To Review Your Product Or Program Too?
Or you can email us at drjockersassistance@gmail.com and we’ll be happy to help.

***The content of this program is for educational purposes only and is not designed to diagnose, treat or cure any medical condition. Please be sure to consult your doctor before beginning any sort of fasting or lifestyle change.**

All Rights Reserved 2019 © Dr. Jockers, LLC.

***The content of this program is for educational purposes only and is not designed to diagnose, treat or cure any medical condition. Please be sure to consult your doctor before beginning any sort of fasting or lifestyle change.**

All Rights Reserved 2019 © Dr. Jockers, LLC