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David's Top Recommendation for January 2022
Harmoni Pendant
We are bathing in EMF's around the clock.

Most homes and apartments were NOT designed with health in mind, and those wires emit dirty electricity.

And with the nightmare of 5G (much stronger cell phone signals) rolling out... you can’t afford to ignore the EMF problem any longer.

The Harmoni Pendant is the top way to protect yourself.
Try it and you won’t ever want to be without it.
David's Friends & Partners Worth Supporting
Perfect Keto
Have you decided that you’re going to start a new lifestyle for 2022?

Perfect Keto has everything you need to get you started on the right path. From ketones to supplements to collagen.

You’ll notice a big difference in your energy and focus and be completely satisfied with delicious flavors to choose from.

Use Dr. Jockers discount code: drj at checkout to save up to 20%
Healing Gourmet - Keto Desserts
If you’re like most people, you probably love dessert...

You probably feel guilty indulging in sweets… and for good reason!

Sugar causes you to gain weight and increases your risk for disease.

When it comes to grain-free, low-carb desserts… many recipes just don’t work. Healing Gourmet made the mistakes and went through the learning curve, so you don’t have to. 

These desserts are easy to make and the instructions are abundantly clear. I would go as far as to say these desserts are foolproof.

Earth Echo - Island Bliss 
Are you looking for a convenient way to get energy boosting antioxidants, minerals, phytonutrients, and a whole host of other energy boosting superfoods?

Look no further! Island Bliss offers you the sweet, tropical taste of the islands with the energizing effects of a green drink.

Replace your sugar-filled energy drink with this tasty smoothie every morning to get the energy-boosting vitamin you need in your system.
Paleovalley Turmeric
Turmeric is the key to the healthy inflammation response you’ve been looking for. The proper formulation also assures maximum absorption so that your body can extract every bit of benefit from it.

Paleovalley has created a Turmeric product that contains absorption enhancers, plus these astounding benefits:

· Organic ginger for healthy digestion
· Organic rosemary for healthy blood sugar and brain health
· Organic cloves for healthy inflammation and immune support

Vibrant Blue Oils' Parasympathetic Blend
Turn up the dial up on healing and start feeling like your best self again with this Parasympathetic® blend essential oil.

Make it part of your wellness ritual so you can:
· Enhance your body’s ability to purge harmful toxins
 · Eliminate digestive issues
 · Boost nutrient assimilation & absorption
 · Sharpen memory and focus
 · Clear up paralyzing brain fog
​​ · Calm the fires of inflammation
 · And melt away anxiety & depression
Purality Health - Cucurmin Gold
Curcumin is widely considered to be one of the most powerful compounds available today that supports a healthy immunological response. 

It’s the secret to fighting inflammation, reducing oxidative damage, and supercharging your brain, health, and mood.

In fact, over 3,000 published studies prove that adding curcumin to your daily routine can help you prevent:
 · Chronic, low-level inflammation.
 · Brain fog and ‘senior moments’. 
 · Arthritic and swollen, painful joints. 
 · And so much more

Forget Dangerous Sleeping Pills...

Discover a crazy idea that works like a dream to put you out like a light... each and every night!

This amazing Sleep Solution is now clinically proven to help you fall asleep faster, stay asleep longer, and wake up refreshed!

Introducing The New "Magic Sleep Pill" That Works Like A Dream... Perhaps as Fast as 15 Minutes*—You Never Even Have To Swallow It!
Four Sigmatic
We know now more than ever how important your immune system is for overall health. Getting enough sleep, reducing stress, and eating healthy all contribute to a strong immune system. Once you have that strong foundation, a daily functional mushroom routine can help to defend your immune system.

Four Sigmatic's Chaga (Inonotus obliquus) supports immune function and has been used for hundreds of years. Chaga mushroom has beta-glucans, polyphenols, polysaccharides, and antioxidant properties that all support your immune system.

Dr. Jockers Immune Offer: 20% off + Free Shipping
Frequent snacking is one of the major barriers when it comes to the weight loss journey.

Check out this healthy and low calorie snack that can actually help you rather than hurt you…

Spirulina tablets from ENERGYbits.

Spirulina is a centuries-old plant that has been used daily in Japan for its natural ability to nourish and energize without caffeine, chemicals, carbs or sugar. It’s low calorie, keto and vegan.

ENERGYbits® spirulina algae tablets make you feel totally dialed in.

It’s never too late to feel great!
Dry Farm Wines
When wine is alive and free from overreaching modern influence, the wine will whisper in nature’s perfect logic and design.

Dry Farm Wines are authentic, exceptionally interesting and compelling expressions of taste and pleasure. When a wine is alive and free from overreaching modern influence, the wine will whisper in nature’s perfect logic and design. The wine will express nature joyfully and perfectly.

The artisan crafted wines all share natural farming and traditional winemaking practices. You can taste it in every soulful wine we collect.
Truly Free
One way to love laundry day is to use products that are non-toxic and tough on stains!

Conventional laundry products leave dangerous toxic chemical residues on your clothing & linens that you wear all day and night and end up being absorbed into your bloodstream.

You & your loved ones deserve so much better…

MyGreenFills never uses artificial fragrances, optical brighteners, or other potentially dangerous ingredients in their products – for a clean you can be confident in for you and your loved ones.
This sacred plant (which is non-addictive and toxin-free) has the potential to fix your broken sleep… in as little as one day!

And no – it’s not melatonin.

Say goodbye to dreaded daytime grogginess and awful sleep hangovers and stop relying on quick fixes like caffeine and sugar to get you through the afternoon slump...

Simply try this completely plant-based solution, which can help give you restful, restorative sleep – night after night after night.

So you can easily wake up refreshed and full of energy, every single morning.

Oh, and, when you combine this sacred plant with ANOTHER secret ingredient, it helps heal your body...while you’re sleeping.
Annmarie Skin Care
Annmarie Skin Care has been a pioneer of plant-based solutions and truth in transparency (always listing every ingredient in their formulas). Since the beginning, they have only created clean and chemical-free products, with no parabens, phthalates, sulfates, or synthetic preservatives.

Try a new complete skin care routine for hydrated flawless results without toxic ingredients.

Step 1: Aloe Herb Cleanser a pH-balanced gentle cleanser with organic aloe vera, coconut oil, and beautifying herbs.

Step 2: Anti-Aging Serum a hydrating elixir that leaves firm looking skin with hyaluronic acid and life everlasting flowers.

Step 3: Anti-Aging Facial Oil a revitalizing moisturizer for luminous skin to complete your skin care ritual.
It’s surprising how many people tend to overlook how essential it is to live in a home with clean air.

We spend 90% of our lives in our homes. It is critical to keep it free of toxins (now more than ever), allergens, and even mold spores. 

AirDoctor, the best professional-quality purifier on the market today.

Ordinary HEPA systems only claim to remove 99.97% of particles down to .3 microns. AirDoctor's UltraHEPA has been independently tested to remove 100% of airborne particles at 0.003 microns in size, 100 times smaller than the HEPA standard.

AirDoctor uses their exclusive UltraHEPA™ filter that is 100 times more effective than ordinary HEPA filters.
Say goodbye to pesky hunger cravings and mindless eating with Ex-Crave...

Imagine how easy it will be to stick to your weight loss goals when you don’t have sweets or snacks CONSTANTLY on the brain!

This one nutrient is scientifically proven to stop mindless eating so you can stay focused on all your weight loss goals, without having to fight the constant urge for junk-y food.

In fact, one breakthrough study showed that cravings for sweets decreased by 95% when women struggling with weight consumed this all natural extract just twice a day. Similarly, cravings for chocolate decreased by 87%.

And get this... you only take this twice a day to start seeing results!
Want Dr. Jockers To Review Your Product Or Program Too?
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Want David To Review Your Product Or Program Too?
Or you can email us at drjockersassistance@gmail.com and we’ll be happy to help.

***The content of this program is for educational purposes only and is not designed to diagnose, treat or cure any medical condition. Please be sure to consult your doctor before beginning any sort of fasting or lifestyle change.**

All Rights Reserved 2019 © Dr. Jockers, LLC.

***The content of this program is for educational purposes only and is not designed to diagnose, treat or cure any medical condition. Please be sure to consult your doctor before beginning any sort of fasting or lifestyle change.**

All Rights Reserved 2019 © Dr. Jockers, LLC